The Voorheesville High School Digital Graphics class was called upon to come up with some ideas for a STOP DWI banner that Albany County STOP-DWI made into a banner for display.

Niagara County STOP-DWI and Niagara County Office of Traffic Safety hosted the 20th Annual Niagara County Traffic Safety Fair from May 12-21 for High School seniors from four counties across Western NY. Over 2800 high students attended the eight day event to raise awareness of Drinking and Driving, Distracted Driving and overall Traffic Safety.

Victims of Drunk Driving Crashes Remembered
STOP DWI Enforcement Crackdown Announced


Prom and Graduation season is a time for happy and memorable memories for students.  To help ensure that this time is safe for all students, the Westchester County Office of Drug Abuse Prevention & STOP-DWI along with the Westchester Coalition for Drug & Alcohol Free Youth continue to have a multi-media approach (including print, outdoor media, website, local television and social media

The Lewis Henry Morgan Institute’s One Second Exhibit Series explores the stories of crash victims across New York State. These forensic-style exhibits focus on high-risk factors such as: the combination of driving and alcohol and/or drug use, excessive speed, and distractions, such as phone use and texting while driving.

It is NEVER legal for any adult to provide alcohol to someone else's child, even with the permission of that child's parent.  Parents who host, lose the most.


MARY KAVANEY, an Attorney formerly with the Executive Office of the Governor.  Prior to her employment with the Governor, Mary was the acting Secretary for Public Safety, Assistant Secretary for Public Safety and a part of DCJS.  Ms.

Each year MADD New York and New York STOP-DWI host a recognition awards luncheon as a "Thank You" to law enforcement and all community members who work tirelessly to keep our NY roads safe from impaired drivers and also to those who work to prevent underage drinking.